DDA initiates procedure of designing Master Plan 2041 for Delhi’s development

Delhi/NCR: The Delhi Development Authority has initiated now the procedure of preparing the Master Plan for Delhi’s development till 2041. For this, a Memorandum of Understanding is signed by the land-owning agency has with National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA).In the authority meeting, chaired by LG Anil Baijal, a proposal in this regard was approved on July 20.

DDA officials revealed that NIUA has been given a time-span of 48-months to design the guiding framework of planning and growth of Delhi till 2041. A senior DDA official also said , “Before drafting the MPD-2041, they (NIUA) will carry out quantitative analysis of various factors like rate of migration, population growth, existing infrastructure, transportations and propose plans keeping in mind the advancement in technology “.

MPD-2041 has to be presented before the current MPD-2021 expires. “The data collected by NIUA would be overlaid on a GIS platform to understand the linkages across various developmental themes in the city. The quantitative understanding will be complemented by a qualitative understanding of the issues through stakeholder consultations with government agencies, academia, sector experts, community groups and civil society organisations,” said a DDA official.

“The MPD will provide a framework for various sectors like housing, transportation, economy, infrastructure, environment, solid waste management, etc and recommended interventions and intended impact on the sector. The plan, once approved, will be reviewed every five years,” added the DDA official

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